More sting in the engine, more cling in the tail

A combination of contemporary photographs of Coventry overlaid with advertising slogans from cars produced in the city.

Flightpath country

A series of photographs taken near airports


The Wall of Light

What's 60 metres long has 160,000 marbles and you can text messages to it?


A permanent installation for an NHS hospital



Photomontages used on the flyers for Smack.

The Way of the Navajo

Live audio and video installation for the Big Chill's Art Trail

Coming soon.


An ever-changing text and visual installation.

Daft Punk

Digital design for Discovery

Sugar Rocks

Cut 'n' Paste agit-prop flyers

The Bellows

Photography and Design for the Bellows' debut album

Gimp, Gump and Goompah. Sugar flyers

The Fun We Had

Theme parks and fairgrounds out of season.

The Gimp, The Gump, and The Goompah

A selection of flyers from Sugar

A Place of Action

Stage sets of The Almeida. Thanks to all the staff.